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Need A Hawaii Wedding Photographer? Meet Kris Labang.

Let experienced couples and events photographer Kris Labang capture all the important moments of your wedding day! Call Kris today to discuss your wedding photography needs in Honolulu, Hawaii, anywhere else on Oahu, and even on Maui or Kauai!

Few locations for weddings compare to the natural beauty found here in the Hawaiian Islands.

Whether you live here full-time or are planning a destination wedding, Hawaii’s rolling waves and sandy beaches provide a stunning backdrop for your big day.

Once you choose your venue—be it a resort, beach, garden, ranch, or chapel—you need a professional to handle your wedding photography to make the most of this gorgeous destination.

Trust Kris Labang as your wedding photographer in Hawaii, and he’ll do more than just shoot photos – he’ll help create a magical experience that you, your partner, and your family will cherish forever.

Whether you’re looking for wedding photography services on Oahu, or even on the neighboring Hawaiian Islands, anticipate receiving clean, high-quality photographs you and your soon-to-be can enjoy for the rest of your lives.

Best Photographer for Professional Wedding Photos in Honolulu

With more than 20 years of experience shooting weddings in Hawaii, Kris knows how to get that perfect shot every time. Even if it rains unexpectedly, or if the timeline changes, Kris understands not only how to capture the best light or that perfect angle but, most importantly, how to transform a wedding’s small intimate moments into your unique love story.

He creates a stress-free atmosphere as he guides you through all the unique challenges that may come on the wedding day.

He and his team will be there through the whole process to ensure an amazing experience from the planning phase through the reception. You’ll get your wedding photos back as soon as possible so you can start sharing your Hawaii wedding experience with others quickly!

Professional Engagement Photos in Honolulu

If you need a photographer for your engagement shoot, Kris can handle that, too. He’ll bring fun into your engagement session so your guests will feel the joy emanating from each photograph and get them excited about your wedding.

Before the shoot, Kris and his team will get to know you, your significant other, and what you both want from your engagement photos. This is why the engagement shoot is important so he becomes connected with each couple he works with to bring their individual stories to life in creative ways and make the wedding day more special.

Engagement photography is all about the couple’s unique style and story, so don’t be afraid to give Kris all of your ideas. Don’t worry if you’re not used to being photographed. Kris understands how to help people pose and move in front of a camera for natural-looking, beautiful photos.

Wedding Planning and Vendor Referrals on Oahu

You may have already decided on the other vendors for your Hawaii wedding, but if not, Kris works with some of the best vendors on Oahu and will happily connect you with quality vendors. He has connections with florists, videographers, caterers, and many other vendors, and he’ll help you make the best decision to ensure an amazing event.

Kris always looks after the bride and groom throughout their wedding day, ensuring that they have everything they need. Some wedding photographers will only do things that involve photography, but Kris goes above and beyond for his clients—offering help with every aspect of the wedding experience.

If you forget what to do during the cake cutting or during another moment with all eyes on you, don’t worry. Kris will be right there to walk you through it.

Why Choose Kris Labang for Wedding Photography

Past wedding photography clients report that it was such a pleasure working with Kris because he models professionalism and the highest level of care. He doesn’t simply show up on the day. He communicates with wedding planners, all the vendors, and the couple to nail down the best timeline for stunning photos, and he helps with the event in any way he can.

Why Do I Need a Wedding Photographer?

With the cameras in smartphones becoming increasingly capable of taking great photographs, you may wonder why you need a wedding photographer in the first place. A friend or family member may tempt you to let them take pictures for your event. Before you decide on amateur

photography, consider the following benefits of using a professional photographer:

Professional Equipment

A photography pro has and understands how to use all the proper equipment to guarantee amazing high-quality shots. The right photographer for your Hawaii wedding event will have

the appropriate lenses, light kits, and other gear on hand with the photography training to use them correctly to get all the special moments captured.

For Kris, photography is art, and he uses all the right equipment to ensure that every client ends up with beautiful images they can get excited about displaying and sharing with friends and family.

Experience and Expertise

The average person can’t pick up a camera and capture the same quality of photos as experienced photographers can. Photographers gain expertise through experience and training, learning to work with different lighting, angles, and backdrops and adjusting camera settings for

the clearest, most colorful images. Even the decision to shoot in landscape instead of in portrait mode—or vice versa—is something an amateur may not consider.

Wedding photography has its own challenges and requirements, from posing large groups of people to capturing and or creating the emotion present at weddings. Experienced wedding photographers know what to expect from these types of events and how best to turn a couple’s photo ideas into realities.

Family Enjoyment

Your friend or family member may find joy in taking photos, but what about for a six- to eight-hour-long period? Wedding photography requires much more stamina than you may imagine, and your shutterbug family member may enjoy your Hawaii wedding much more without having to shoot pictures for several hours.

You also won’t have that family member captured in any photos if they spend the event behind the camera. Ensure that all of your guests have a great time by letting a pro handle your photography needs.

Photo Processing

Shooting photos at your wedding only represents half of what wedding photographers do. They also process each photo to ensure proper color, exposure, and much more. With the beautiful Hawaiian landscape, you want your wedding photography to feature crisp, well-balanced photographs, which you might not get with an amateur photographer.

Editing photographs to produce gorgeous but natural-looking images is not as easy as it seems, but a photography pro knows what they’re doing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Photography by Kris Labang

Will We Meet Kris Before the Wedding Day?

Yes, Kris prefers to meet with the husband- and wife-to-be before the special day to nail down expectations and get an idea of their personalities and what they want. Nowadays, more couples wish for candid, creative wedding shots, while others prefer more traditional wedding photography.

Before your Hawaii wedding, you’ll have a meeting with Kris to discuss:

  • His usual shooting style for weddings
  • Your preferred photography style
  • Specific shots you may want him to capture
  • Shots specific to your Honolulu venue
  • How long you will want Kris at the event
  • The wedding timeline
  • His fees and your budget

Why is the Wedding Day Timeline so Crucial to Hawaii Wedding Photographers?

Hawaii wedding photographers have absolutely amazing backdrops to work with, whether the wedding takes place on a beach or at another beautiful location. Outdoor events captured during sunset create photos of unmatched beauty, so a good wedding timeline will include time for a sunset photoshoot.

If you’re unsure how to schedule your special day to ensure stunning sunset pictures, Kris can help. He specializes in low-light photography and has helped countless couples finalize their Hawaii wedding timelines and plan for gorgeous picture-taking opportunities.

Does Hawaii Have Wedding Photography Restrictions?

Some locations in Honolulu, HI, and throughout Oahu, such as state parks, require permits to shoot photos. Some venues also use a specific photographer for weddings and other events and won’t allow another party. Kris and his team will communicate with your venue to determine if they have any such restrictions for weddings.

Will Kris Help Me Pose in Front of the Camera?

Absolutely YES! Kris has been in the wedding photography business for a long time, and he understands that not everyone feels comfortable in front of a camera. He’ll help you pose and move in a way that looks natural in the  photographs—from where to place your hands to how high you should tilt your chin!

Will I get Fewer Photographs Than I Would With a Team of Photographers?

Although Kris shoots solo, he is a photography expert who can take many pictures very quickly. He provides just as many, if not more, final products as any other wedding photography company in Honolulu, HI, so you don’t have to worry about getting fewer images for the same or similar prices.

If you need a Hawaii wedding photographer, consider Kris Labang and his team. He’ll capture all the special moments of your dream wedding in Oahu so that you can enjoy those unforgettable memories forever. Call Kris Labang Photography today for wedding photography in Honolulu.