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Small Wedding in Hawaii: Venues, Packages, and Photography

Are you planning an intimate wedding on a Hawaii beach or beside a waterfall? Experienced photographer Kris Labang can handle your wedding photography needs.

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Your wedding day represents one of the most important days of your life, but that doesn’t mean you have to include hundreds of other people. For many couples, a dream wedding consists of just the bride and groom and perhaps a few of their closest loved ones.

If you’re planning a small wedding or elopement in Hawaii, you can trust Honolulu-based Kris Labang with your wedding photos. Kris and his team will capture your wedding vision and provide beautiful memories of your special day that you’ll enjoy together throughout your lives.

What Is Considered a Small Wedding in Hawaii?

Many traditional “big” weddings include hundreds of guests, but most people consider a guest list of 50 people to be a large wedding in Hawaii. Many wedding venues in Hawaii offer intimate beach ceremonies or packages at other locations with limited space, so “small” means something different here compared to weddings on the mainland.

Small weddings in Hawaii often include 20 or fewer guests, and elopements are very common. This limited guest count makes planning destination weddings much more straightforward and provides couples with intimate ceremonies that revolve around them, not the people they invite.

If you imagine such a ceremony for your wedding day, you may decide on a small Oahu wedding for an intimate and beautiful event.

Why Choose an Elopement or Small Hawaii Wedding?

When you choose a small intimate wedding, you and your partner can create the perfect day based on what you want, not what others expect. Your big day doesn’t have to look the same as every other wedding you’ve attended. Instead, you can get creative and plan a day that speaks to who you are as a couple.

If you and your partner love adventure, look at Hawaii’s small wedding venues that require a hike to a remote mountain site.

Whatever you imagine for your micro wedding, you can achieve it with a limited guest count. You may invite no one or just a few of your closest friends.

Many couples decide to elope in Hawaii because of the spectacular environment. The state is truly the perfect location for a gorgeous, intimate wedding, whether you choose from designated small wedding venues on a famous beach or find your own private spot as a wedding venue.

Why Choose Hawaii for an Intimate Ceremony?

Of all the popular destination wedding locations in the world, Hawaii offers unmatched natural beauty and dynamic culture. Whether you decide on a chapel wedding venue in Honolulu or an elopement on a secluded beach in Oahu or Maui, you and your guests will enjoy a gorgeous, intimate ceremony surrounded by stunning views.

Intimate weddings in Hawaii often cost much less than big traditional weddings and don’t involve the same stress levels. If you want a stress-free elopement or wedding ceremony, consider an intimate wedding venue in Hawaii. You and your significant other won’t regret your decision to get married in Hawaii.

Intimate Wedding Venues in Hawaii

With so many beaches and small elopement or wedding venues available, you’re sure to find the perfect place for your small ceremony and reception. If you’re planning an Oahu beach wedding with a few friends and family, consider one of these popular wedding venues:

Male’ana Gardens on Oahu

Male’ana Gardens hosts small weddings with up to 20 guests. This beautiful beach garden location features lush greenery, a secluded beach, and even a bungalow if you stay overnight before or after you tie the knot.

Waikiki Beach on Oahu

Waikiki Beach also provides a beautiful spot for your Oahu wedding or elopement.

Although you can only get a permit for a limited area, this beautiful beach is perfect for a small celebration of love.

Maui, the Big Island, and other Hawaii locations also feature beautiful venues for small beach weddings. Many offer inclusive wedding packages that include food, cake, decor, flowers, and more. Most packages will also include your officiant and other outside vendors.

Tips for Planning Your Micro Wedding in Hawaii

Keep the following tips in mind when planning your small wedding or elopement, whether an Oahu wedding or another spot in Hawaii:

  • Focus on intimate wedding venues instead of large venue options
  • For a budget-friendly reception, offer guests a dinner or luau
  • Keep the ceremony guest list under 20 people
  • Reserve your venue and wedding package as far ahead as possible
  • Line up a wedding photo package with Kris Labang
  • Choose a beach wedding venue for an affordable option
  • Apply for your marriage license online before you arrive in Hawaii (but you’ll need to pick it up in person)

Hawaii provides the perfect backdrop for intimate weddings. Whether you want to get married on Oahu, Maui, the Big Island, or another Hawaii location, you’re sure to have a beautiful small wedding or elopement.

Why Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer?

In making elopement or wedding plans, whether you decide on a small wedding and reception dinner at a beautiful garden, beach, ranch, house, or chapel, you’ll need someone to photograph the event. Many Hawaii wedding packages include professional photography services.

Some couples try to spend less by having a friend or family member take the event photos, but hiring a professional like Kris Labang comes with many benefits:

Kris Is Experienced With Shooting Small Weddings in Hawaii

Shooting a small wedding ceremony may seem intuitive, but an experienced professional will see shot opportunities that an amateur won’t.

Kris knows how to work for the crowd, communicate with the wedding planner and venue, and capture the perfect images without interrupting the event’s flow.

A pro will also have the stamina for shooting for long stretches and will provide the same level of care at the end of the event as at the beginning.

Kris Has Knowledge of Lighting and Angles

A trained photographer understands how to get the best shot in all lighting conditions and can use lighting equipment when necessary.

Kris optimizes camera settings, lenses, and angles to compose incredible photos at small weddings.

Kris Will Help With Details for Your Small Wedding

A photographer with a lot of local experience can provide excellent advice and networking to help with small wedding planning.

With more than two decades of photographing weddings on Oahu, Kris can help you find the perfect wedding planner, wedding venue, and all the necessary vendors. His connections can save you money, as well.

Kris is a Master at Photo Editing

Photography wedding packages include photo processing and printing to ensure you have vibrant, high-quality pictures.

Kris has mastered how to edit each photo to achieve the perfect color, density, light balance, and more.

Trust a professional photographer like Kris to capture your small wedding ceremony, and you’ll get gorgeous, dynamic photos that you, your partner, and your loved ones will cherish for years to come.

Why Choose Kris Labang to Photograph Your Wedding Day on Oahu?

You won’t regret choosing Kris Labang and his team to handle your micro wedding photos. With his vast experience, Kris has worked with many popular Oahu wedding venues. He’ll take you through the entire process from the planning phase through the big day to ensure a smooth and lovely experience.

Kris specializes in shooting in all lighting conditions, including at night, and capturing each couple’s unique story. A regular contributor to Hawaii Bride & Groom Magazine, he’ll capture beautiful, high-quality photos of your wedding ceremony. Kris also provides some of the fastest turnaround times in the local industry, so you won’t have to wait long to see your photos.

Contact Kris Labang for Hawaiian Small Wedding Photography Services

Past clients appreciate his willingness to go above and beyond, even performing tasks unrelated to photography.

You can trust Kris and his team to be there for you from beginning to end, through the planning, ceremony, and reception. They take pride in ensuring that every couple has a magical wedding.

Are you ready to discover the joy of a micro wedding ceremony on Oahu (or any Hawaiian island venue)? Call Kris Labang to discuss your photography needs. Kris can handle all of your wedding ceremony photography and help your event run smoothly.