Getting Married in Hawaii: What You Need to Know

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Whether you are a local Hawaii resident or visiting from out of state, getting married in Hawaii can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. These majestic islands will inspire you with their beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine, and countless outdoor activities. Planning your special day, you can explore many wedding venues across multiple islands.

Be sure to ask yourself some crucial questions to get the most out of the experience when you get married in Hawaii.

Do you know how to start planning your marriage events? What time of year should you get married in Hawaii? Do you have a reliable photographer?

Kris Labang of Hawaii Wedding Photography can help you in so many ways. With over 20 years of experience working as a professional photographer in the Hawaii wedding industry, he offers some of the best camerawork in the state. A bonus is that Kris provides his wisdom to couples so they’ll know what to expect when getting married in Hawaii. He can recommend venues, officiants, florists, bakeries, and more.

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Hawaii Is the Premier Destination Wedding Spot

The Islands of Hawaii is an archipelago of 137 islands that span nearly 1,500 miles across the Pacific Ocean. Some of the most recognizable islands include O’ahu (also spelled Oahu), Maui, and Kaua’i. Locals and visitors praise the locale for its natural beauty and rich Polynesian culture, as it stays protected by those who speak the indigenous Hawaiian language.

Indeed, the Aloha state is the premier destination wedding spot in the Pacific. The beautiful islands of Hawaii offer an excellent opportunity to host your wedding near gorgeous panoramic views, warm sunshine, and vibrant communities. A Hawaii destination wedding makes many conventional ceremonies seem bland in comparison. Tens of thousands of American and global tourists visit these large islands annually to hike and shop. Still, no experience is quite like a Hawaii destination wedding.

Should You Get Married in Hawaii?

One of the perks of getting married in Hawaii is its accessibility. Hawaii is part of the United States, which means you don’t need a visa to travel. Moreover, the state does not require blood tests or additional vaccinations.

Before committing to the destination wedding, you should research the state and its many islands. Learn about local customs and plan your ceremony at an appropriate venue on one of the main islands. Residents of Hawaii tend to be friendly toward those who take the time to understand and respect their culture before arriving. Consider whether an outdoor wedding is practical for your marriage ceremony. Hawaii has some of the best coastlines and resorts for capturing elegant photographs. Kris Labang is well-familiar with many of these charming spaces. He can guide you and your guests to picturesque sites that offer the best backdrops and lighting. The primary question is whether you want an intimate elopement, a small wedding with only a few guests, or a large destination wedding with all your friends and family. Kris has experience photographing both small and big wedding parties, and he can help you find the best venues for each type of wedding.

Marriage Laws in Hawaii

To get a marriage license in Hawaii, you must be at least 18 and have proof, such as a driver’s license or birth certificate. If under 19, you’ll need a certified copy of the certificate of birth. Additionally, a Hawaii marriage agent will not accept marriage applicants with a genetic “blood” relationship closer than first cousins. Have either of you been previously married? For previously terminated marriages, you also need to show an original divorce decree or the death certificate of a deceased spouse if the event occurred within 30 days of obtaining your new marriage license. Additional documentation may be required depending upon the agent. The Marriage Equality Act of Hawaii recognizes the legitimacy of same-sex marriage. We note that photographer Kris Labang supports inclusivity by providing professional and friendly wedding photography services for LGBTQ+ couples.

Obtaining a Marriage License

A marriage license, or civil union license, is a document confirming that a couple qualifies for marriage in the state. Hawaii’s Department of Health only issues these marriage licenses through marriage license agents to those who meet the above criteria. The state dictates that your ceremony must be within 30 days of receiving your official license. No waiting period is required after you meet with the marriage license agent.

Applying for a marriage license isn’t too tricky. You can register online or request a form through postal mail. Both of you will need to meet with a marriage license agent less than 30 days before your wedding date to receive your license in person. If you don’t yet have your marriage license, you can still hire Kris Labang for professional engagement photos or pre-wedding portraits!

Retrieving Your Hawaii Marriage Certificate

Once you and your spouse wed, you can request your marriage certificate by electronic copy or collect it at the Department of Health/Vital Records.

The Department may issue a temporary Hawaii marriage license until they process the official one. Within one to four months, you should receive a copy of this document via mail.

Your legal marriage certificate is necessary for claiming spousal privileges, such as integrating bank accounts or designating inheritance. Be sure to keep the original Hawaii marriage license certificate in a safe location if you need to present it as proof to legal establishments.

Planning Your Wedding

Planning a marriage can be a challenge without the right help. You will need to consider multiple factors, including:

  • Hawaii wedding cost expectations
  • A wedding venue
  • The date of the ceremony
  • A marriage license
  • Catering
  • Ring ideas
  • The best location for photos
  • Wedding liability insurance

Fortunately, you can streamline the process by outsourcing help to reliable professionals. Ask photographer Kris Labang to refer you to his trusted colleagues.

First things First. Book a Venue or Find a Wedding Planner

Booking a Venue or Partnering with a Hawaii wedding planner are two of the most important steps in conceiving a stress-free wedding. Arguably the most important part of planning, booking your date is vital to make sure all the vendors you want are open for the date. What you don’t want is to spend hours researching and building relationships only to find out after you book the venue that your vendors are already taken on your special day.

Having trouble selecting a venue? Hire a planner to help you figure out what spectacular location can host your particular needs. Planning experts will help you organize the logistics of your Hawaiian wedding so you can approach the date without surprise mishaps. Additionally, they can help you budget for any expenses you accrue along the way.

Kris Labang works tirelessly to build a professional relationship with wedding vendors and planners in Hawaii. Many of these industry veterans refer couples to his work when it comes time to arrange photographers.

Understanding Wedding Packages

An all-inclusive wedding package provides everything you should expect from a Hawaii wedding. Most wedding planners and venues that offer these packages include features such as:

  • Floral arrangements
  • Rentals
  • Food catering
  • Transportation
  • Fully stocked bars
  • Music
  • and more

Still, you don’t need to purchase the most expensive wedding packages to create a memorable day.

Kris Labang excels in intimate ceremony photography. His work highlights the couple’s happiness above all else.

Find an Officiant

Most people getting married in Hawaii try to find a local officiant. Officiants perform marriages, guide couples through their vows, and sometimes read from religious passages. A local officiant or performer must have a valid license issued by the Hawaii Department of Health. You could also have a friend or family member apply for a performer’s license.

Find a Wedding Photographer

Every couple should hire a photographer for their Hawaiian wedding. Unfortunately, many couples aren’t sure where to find the right one.

Kris Labang presents an extensive portfolio of his works to prospective clients so you’ll know what to expect. Be sure to check out his five-star reviews on Google from newlyweds praising his professionalism and creativity.

Kris generally works solo, completing some of the fastest, high-quality turnarounds in the industry. This way, you can invest in affordable Hawaii wedding photography while working with someone you can trust.

What To Wear During Your Hawaiian Wedding

Finding the right dress or suit for your wedding is always a fun adventure. In fact, you can enjoy limitless options when shopping for a Hawaii-inspired outfit. Kris Labang has photographed hundreds of brides and grooms, each with different styles and preferences. White is the most popular color for brides to wear during their wedding. Grooms sometimes wear white, black, or blue to complement their partner’s outfit.

Additionally, some couples choose to wear a traditional Hawaiian lei around their necks or Haku flower crowns. These cultural accessories capture the spirit of Hawaii during the celebration.

Whether you choose an expensive gown worth thousands of dollars or a modest dress, Kris will capture every detail of your outfit in your wedding photos.

The Best Places To Get Married in Hawaii

You can explore dozens of different Hawaii wedding locations across numerous travel sites. Depending on your preferences, you may want a ceremony by the sea or somewhere convenient for guests, like a resort or hotel near the international airport. If you want a complete Hawaiian experience for your wedding ceremony, consider one of the four most cherished locations in the state. One island might have everything you need.

Kris Labang frequently captures memories while working with some of the most popular wedding venues in O’ahu. He suggests some of his favorite islands below:


O’ahu is perhaps the most active Hawaiian island for couples and visitors. Here you will find notable destinations like Pearl Harbor and Waikiki Beach.

This convenient location also hosts the Honolulu International Airport and hundreds of hotel rooms for your wedding party. When guests arrive early, they can visit the public beach or explore local stores across the island.

Kris Labang captures hundreds of thousands of photos in O’ahu every year. He recommends this island if you want pictures on the best white sand beaches in Hawaii.


Other islands offer many beautiful locations, but Maui probably comes to mind when you envision the state’s glistening beaches. Kaanapali Beach and Wailea Beach are famous among couples who want photos near the vibrant coastline. Additionally, the low-light sunset over the horizon creates a remarkably scenic backdrop.

Big Island (Hawai’i Island)

Hawaii Island is the largest island in the state. As you expect, it is where the state derived its name. The island of Hawaii offers lush green jungles and black sand beaches.

Though it is not the most famous island in Hawaii to visit, the location is perfect for couples who want pictures near the natural beauty of the Pacific.


Some visitors call this location the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific” due to its mountainous bluffs and natural barriers. Kaua’i has one of Hawaii’s wettest climates. You may be better off choosing sunnier locations like O’ahu if you want to avoid rain during your wedding ceremony.

Hawaii Beach Weddings

If your dream destination wedding idea was to have a beach wedding in Hawaii, it’s important to work with a professional who knows the local laws and regulations. Not following the proper protocols and obtaining the correct permits can incur fines of $5,000 or more!

Why Choose These Islands for a Hawaii Beach Wedding?

A beach wedding is one of the most popular ideas for couples visiting the Hawaiian islands. Photographer Kris Labang uses this environment’s open spaces and natural textures to create exquisite scenes. You and your partner can run in the sand, laugh, and dance while Kris captures such delightful and authentic moments. As the sun goes down, Kris relies on artificial illumination from the wedding venue to create tasteful sunset and night photography. Enjoy up-close or distant photos that highlight you and your partner as the sun sets over the mountains of the Big Island.

How Wedding Photographer Kris Labang Creates Cherished Memories

Kris Labang understands that a scenic Hawaii wedding can be challenging to photograph. Low light, immense backdrops, and hundreds of clashing colors could overwhelm an amateur photographer. However, these challenges don’t discourage him. Instead, they inspire his work!

Understanding His Environment

During the reception, Kris navigates the venue, staying out of the wedding party’s way while they enjoy themselves. While drifting between groups, he captures movement elegantly. You and your partner can enjoy delightful action shots from special moments, like your reception toast or the look you shared during the first dance. While Kris specializes in candid photography, he is also an expert at posing couples for portrait photography.

High-Quality Equipment

Kris invests in high-quality tools suitable for any environment. Wide angle shots allow him to capture the entirety of the venue. Conversely, portrait lenses provide up-close photos of the bride and groom. Kris always ensures that he has what he needs to keep documenting throughout the day.

Angles and Lighting

Photography is an art form. Kris has a deep understanding of how angles and lighting enhance the overall quality of an image. He positions himself with adequate distance and framing to accentuate your best qualities in the photo.

Additionally, Kris stays vigilant on the wedding day, anticipating the movements of the wedding party. This tactic ensures that he is ready to capture all the little moments of the night.


Many wedding photographers operate the camera but do not put any effort into editing. Kris takes pride in filtering through his work and editing photos with significant attention to detail. He has an extensive understanding of photo editing software and takes the time necessary to and adjust what he needs for amazing images.

You can be confident that Kris will present you with a final product you both will cherish for the rest of your lives.

Getting Married in Hawaii: The Takeaway

Kris Labang understands the value of investing in a Hawaii wedding. He will be there to capture these precious moments for you.

Location, time, and ceremony size all matter when planning your perfect day. Work closely with wedding planners to ensure you cover all your corners. Kris is flexible and will work around your schedule.

Kris enjoys a reputation of being easy to work with and reliable when you want photos back quickly. As he has been top contributor to Hawaii Bride and Groom Magazine, wedding vendors across the state highly recommend him for his skills.

Why risk hiring photographers who utilize cookie-cutter solutions? Kris Labang personalizes his approach for every wedding. Don’t hesitate to contact him for more information about his wedding photography services as well as for recommendations of other wedding professionals.

When you are getting married in Hawaii, schedule your wedding photography by contacting Kris Labang of Hawaii Wedding Photography in Honolulu, HI.