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Gay Wedding Hawaii: Your Go-To Photographer (LGBTQIA+)

Do you and your partner plan to tie the knot in Hawaii?

Since Hawaii’s Marriage Equality Act of 2013, the State of Hawaii has provided for legal same-sex or same-gender marriages, and Honolulu-based wedding photographer Kris Labang has been capturing the cherished moments between LGBTQIA+ couples in love with great pride.

A legal marriage ceremony on the beach at sunset is a fantasy for many gay and lesbian couples, so why not go for it? You can choose a legal elopement, a small ceremony with only your inner circle, or even the whole big Maui wedding of your dreams.

The only thing more important than celebrating a beach wedding in Hawaii is preserving those memories for yourselves, your children, and even your grandchildren!

Kris Labang, a master of wedding photography both traditional and non-traditional with two decades of experience, will offer gay and lesbian couples a set of visual memories to last forever.

In addition to his stunning photography, Kris is also known for his local networking among the top wedding professionals, so he can also advise you with suggestions about LGBT-friendly vendors such as wedding planners, officiants, florists, and more.

Preserve your memorable day from professional photographer Kris Labang by calling today!

Wedding Packages for Gay Weddings in Hawaii

Working with an experienced local photographer like Kris Labang and a LGBTQIA+-friendly Hawaii wedding planner will help you pull off a perfect ceremony while also taking care of logistic, legal, planning, and administrative issues. Your planner’s services can include helping you find or create a wedding package like one of the following, including:

  • Any necessary site permits
  • Assistance as you sign your same-sex marriage license
  • Finding a legal, licensed marriage officiant (non-denominational or Christian)
  • Legal Certificate of Marriage
  • Accommodations and transportation for the couple, family members, and guests

Beach Ceremonies for Gay and Lesbian Weddings

Most people who come for a Hawaii wedding come for the spectacular beaches and natural wonders. A beach with Hawaii’s unbelievable white sand is the perfect romantic setting whether you are marrying or renewing vows.

Is this the dream venue for your gay or lesbian (LGBTQIA+) beach wedding? You might also find a better place at private beaches or ocean-front gardens in Hawaii.

Top Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer for Gay and Lesbian Weddings

Whether on a shoestring budget or splurging on your Hawaii wedding, don’t skimp on hiring a photographer like Kris Labang who is very experienced with same sex weddings and understands the nuanced dynamics of each special event. Having such photographers lets you relax and enjoy your Hawaii wedding, knowing you and your wife or husband will have amazing photos to treasure forever.

Gay Weddings in Hawaii: Kris Knows How to Work the Crowd

Working the crowd at a marriage ceremony on Oahu involves knowing how to capture genuine moments without disrupting the flow of your same-sex marriage ceremony or vow renewal and after-party, whether on a beach in Hawaii or elsewhere.

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Kris Knows How to Get the Perfect Shot

Kris captures each moment in unusual and exciting ways that bring weddings to life for same sex couples. Making your memories look even better than you remember!

Kris Shoots Dynamic, “Real” Photographs

Most of the joy of same sex weddings stems from celebrating your romance with your community. The best moments are little bursts of happiness that occur between the formal photo sessions that you might not be an audience to.

Kris Leaves No One Out

A good photographer like Kris will spend the entire time you’re getting married keeping an eye on guests to try and ensure that everyone gets at least one picture.

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Kris Makes Sure Each Shot is Edited to Look its Best

Taking the right photo at the right time is only part of the photographer’s equation.

The second part is bringing the images to life in post-production. As part of their services, a true professional will spend as much time improving images as shooting them. Though we do not provide retouching, every image is inspected and adjusted to look it’s best without retouching. This help speed up the production process as Kris also provides some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

Why Choose Kris for Your Hawaii Gay or Lesbian Wedding?

Kris Labang believes in helping same-sex couples get the wedding of their dreams. From helping with Hawaii wedding logistics like setting the date to finding the ideal Hawaii wedding locations, Kris works closely with his couples.

Kris Labang has over 20 years of experience documenting Hawaii gay and lesbian weddings in the most popular venues on the islands and can also help you find a venue that suits your style.

Kris’s contacts throughout the Big Island and Maui, Hawaii, wedding industry enable him to recommend pro-gay wedding vendors for every part of the wedding planning process.

If you want to get the best images of your Hawaiian ceremony, give photographer Kris Labang a call today!