Hurricane advice for your wedding….sort of…

It’s been a week now since Hurricane Lane passed the islands. It was a week full of stress for anyone that had major plans that weekend and especially those who had plans outdoors. Now if you had a wedding going on, it wasn’t just stress it was an absolute nightmare. As I sit finishing up my weddings from last week my wife sits next to me as she goes over my work and says “this is the most comfortable couple I have ever seen you photograph”. Now that’s an interesting statement considering the pictures are of a couple that moved up their wedding two days early and got married with only a few hours notice. And she’s right!

Now, yes, they a ridiculously good looking couple. But that isn’t the only reason the images came out so great. I told my wife it’s because they are just going with it. They look so relaxed on such an important day filled with drama because they aren’t letting the hurricane ruin it for them.
Easier said than done, yes. Lots of planning goes into big events. Sometimes a couple years worth of planning. Not being able to see it all through is a tough pill to swallow but in the end you just have to just let it happen. Remember why you are getting married. Remember why people are there. The hurricane was the main problem but they had lots of little fires they had to put out due to a three hour notice of events. Little issues kept popping up left and right. The couple still didn’t let it get to them and was able to enjoy what they had. That’s what you need to to. That’s all you can do.
I could take this opportunity to say hiring the right vendors is what made their day the best it could. And that hiring a team of the best professionals like myself will always make everything better, but truthfully that’s not the case. Can’t always know who you hire can handle everything that gets thrown their way. In this case the island was threatened and we also have families we have to worry about.

But with that said, I really want to give a special props to Lauren from L-4-Love who I happened to work with for the whole weekend. She had two weddings to worry about last week as well as two kids! Which she pulled through with such great professionalism. Luckily the trade winds chopped down the hurricane and our second wedding wasn’t effected.